6th International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking, and Informatics (ICACNI 2018) solicits papers in the areas of Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics. Original, unpublished  research papers from all viewpoints, including theory, practice, experimentation, and review papers highlighting specific research domains for presentation in the technical sessions of the conference are invited from researchers, academicians and professionals throughout the globe.

Special attention will be given to articles of the domain Security and Privacy, and articles of this domain will be published as a single volume in the conference proceedings. 

The maximum allowable length of the paper is 10 pages (including figures and references) for regular research articles. Articles will be blindly reviewed by two experts to decide its suitability for publication in the conference. 

Accepted and registered papers will be published in AISC series of Springer for approval like last years. The confirmation from Springer is already received.

The scope of the Conference includes all the areas of Advance Computing, Networking and Informatics, along with scopes under special sessions. Also special attention is given to current research domains under Security and Privacy. Sample areas include, but are not limited to the following:


Advanced Computing
Theoretical Computer Science,
Artificial Intelligence,
Pattern recognition,
Image Processing and analysis,
Computer Graphics,
Virtual Reality,
Document Image Processing,
Distributed Computing,
Signal Processing,
Software Architecture,
Soft Computing,
Evolutionary Algorithms,
Software Engineering,
Ubiquitous Computing,
Web mining,
Perceptual Computing,
and related topics.
Network Performance 
Fault Tolerant Systems,
Parallel and Distributed Networks,
Optical Communication,
Routing Protocol and Architecture,
Satellite Communication,
Grid and Cluster Computing,
Wireless Sensor Networks,
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks,
Network Dependability,
Network Optimization,
End-to-end resilience,
Quality of service,
Embedded Systems,
and related topics.
Database and Query Processing,
Data Engineering and Warehousing,
Expert Systems,
Cryptography and Data Security,
Data Privacy Preserving
Information Retrieval,
Knowledge Discovery,
Internet Computing,
Semantic Web,
Social Network Informatics,
Cognitive Science,
Cybernetic Technologies,
Entertainment Engineering,
and related topics.
Annual Theme:
Big Data and Data Sciences

Big data management
Platforms and technologies for big data
Data retrieval
Big data storage techniques
Data mining and warehouse
Data visualization
Modelling structure and storage of big data
Scalability and portability issues of big data
Big data recommender systems
Digital Forensics
Parallel processing of big data
Distributed access of big data
Applications of big data
and related topics.
Special Session Topics

Special Session 1:
Innovative Soft Computing Approaches for Pattern Recognition Applications (ISCAPARA)

D. Jude Hemanth, Valentina E. Balas, and J. Anitha

Special Session 2:
Cognitive informatics (CI)

Krishna Asawa and Shikha Jain

Please check 'Special Sessions' page for details.