Inaugural Keynote Lecture
Bimal Kumar Roy
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

On Secret Sharing
[ 11:30 am, 01-June-2017 ]

Secrete sharing scheme has been evolved for achieving security in many applications. The complexity of a secret sharing scheme is based on the length of shares and the length of the secret. This parameter optimization for general access structures is an important and open problem in secret sharing. This talk will introduce the concept of secret sharing. The notion of correctness and security of such a scheme will be deliberated. An abstract mathematical structure, Matroid will be introduced. The relationship between Matroids and Secret Sharing schemes will be studied.

Keynote Lecture - I
Manoj Singh Gaur
Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India
Security Issues of Software Defined Networks
[ 2:45 pm, 01-June-2017 ]

Software Define Networking (SDN) is an emerging networking paradigm. The centralized management and network programmability in SDN provide consistent policy enforcement and control over the entire network and helps to solve persistent network security problem. However, security of the SDN itself is still an open issue. Many of the security issues related to SDN networks are similar to those that appear in traditional networks, the separation of the control and data planes, however, opens security challenges, such as man-in-the-middle attacks, denial of service (DoS) attacks, and saturation attacks. The talk will discuss the security threats to SDN architecture and current state-of-art practices to solve SDN vulnerabilities and a roadmap for future directions will be discussed.

Keynote Lecture - II
K. Chandrasekaran
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, India
Trust aware Cloud (computing) Services
[ 12:15 pm, 02-June-2017 ]

Trust is one of the most concerned obstacles for the adoption and growth of Cloud Computing. Guaranteeing the availability of the trust managed service is difficult due to unpredictable number of consumers and the dynamic nature of the web and cloud infrastructure and resources. Cloud being using real time web based services, has many major issues pertaining to security in general and trust in particular. Researchers have attempted to find solutions to security related issues using trust and managing it in different ways. This talk introduces the basic relationship between cloud services, cloud paradigm and trust. In particular, it explains cloud services while handling trust in the context of provisioning services. In addition, this talk throws light on the frame work of trust management for handling trust in cloud services and also on some of the existing research prototypes including that of ours. Finally it summarizes the various issues in handling trust management of services in cloud.

Keynote Lecture - III
Dhiren R. Patel
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Self Driving Cars
[ 02:00 pm, 03-June-2017 ]

Self-driving cars are a rapidly evolving technology which only a few years ago was still considered science fiction. It is gearing up to save lives, reduce costs, and optimizing resource consumption. The promised benefits are increased safety, convenience and personal time. However, adoption curve seems to be slow. This talk reviews the current state of the global, distributed innovation process related to self-driving cars, and examines the underlying technical and geopolitical factors. It also encompasses opportunities and threats associated with self-driving cars, and several issues stand in the way of formulating and implementing a strategy for dealing with self-driving car and its impacts.